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Stiff Shifter

1987 3
I have a 1997 Camry V6 automatic with just over 60,000 miles. The transmission fluid was changed 5,000 miles ago. It is very hard to move the shifter from Park to Reverse, Neutral or any of the drive gears. When I do move it, there isn't the usual click as it is moved from one range to another - you have to look at what gear you are selecting. While in drive, it will sometimes move to neutral on its own. Any suggestions?
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The fluid was changed at a Toyota dealership. We only noticed the change recently after the car sat idle for 2 weeks. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the actual transmission, gears are shifting at the right RPM. Just very hard to move the shifter between gears.

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i blame the shifter. maybe its somehow unlinked. i kno for the gen3's you have to keep that little spacer to ensure smoother, accurate shifting when switching knobs.
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