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I have a 1987 22RE in an RV I just purchased in June with 54,000 miles. Drove it from Corpus Christi Texas to North Platte Nebraska and back. Automatic transmission never got into overdrive. Ran in 2nd and 3rd most of the time. Fuel economy was 8 to 10 miles per gallon could only go up hill 25 to 30 miles an hour in 1rst.

When I got home I got out the timing light and timing was set at 5 degrees after top dead center. Set to 5 degrees before top dead center and check engine light came on. Checked the code and it was a code 12, Knock Sensor Control.

Ran 1 pint Sea Foam through PCV valve, let set 10 minutes, put 1/2 pint in crankcase put 1/2 pint in fuel tank and ran the 87 octane fuel out.

Added 1/2 pint Sea Foam to fuel tank filled 14 gallon tank with 11 gallons 93 octane and still get check engine light with a code 12 (Knock Control Sensor) alarm.

I am absolutely beside myself. Can anyone please help?

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