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Update to an older thread...
Looking to buy my Stepfather's 2002 Tundra ...

Everything was going smooth until we tried asking the Stepfather Stephen where the title is located. Then for weeks he was acting paranoid and mad, fusing that someone is trying to steal his truck, "Someone steals my truck, how will I get around!", "I have to have my truck for work!", and more. It all came to head when I told him he cannot drive his truck because the doctor took his Driver's License and said he cannot drive, period! That of coarse didn't sit well with him because NO ONE tell Stephen to do anything! We have had to call 911 and get the PD over here about four or five times because he was going to do 'this' or 'that' and nothing anyone says to him could move him or change his mind. So because of all of that, I have had to go a different way to get the Texas Title for the Tundra.

Because of he feared the Alzheimer's would hit him and while he was still in his right mind, Stephen and my Mom saw our lawyer to draw up the Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork back in 2011. No thought this carp would hit so hard and so fast as it has because Stephen is already in the early to mid-stage four of four of this nightmare. So to get the title, we are having to use the POA with the State of Texas to get a new title. Get the title should only be a 10 working days thing but the POA adds time to that deal. We have also had a great of paperwork getting services and help for Stephen with folks in-and-out of here three and four times a week on top of everything else. Not complaining here; just telling it as is around here. If everything is okay, the title should be here in a couple of from now. After that, I pay for Tundra, then get the title in my name, and that's it. Once I have a clear Texas State Title for the truck, I can get funds for the timing belt and everything else then the truck will be back on the road.

David out for now... :grin:
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