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Stock 5efe turbo conversion help?

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I have a '96 Tercel L50 coupe with a stock 5efe, and I dont know much about these engines, and I was wondering what some good ways to go about turbo charging it. Like what I should use to tune it for the turbo or any top end or bottom end changes that would work, and where to find them. Thank you
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The '96, from my understanding, has the more desirable connecting rods (more robust then the '99).

I have boosted my '99 Tercel manual with a stock 2nd gen 5EFE. Boost is currently set to 8 psi.
Recently dyno tuned (graph shown below) and daily driven as a boosted car for almost 2 years now.
All work was done by myself.

This is what I am currently running.
  • Stock internals on a well serviced engine (recommended rod upgrade but I am running the stock thin ones currently)
  • TD04 (JM Turbo or from a Subraru)
  • TD04 mount exhaust manfold (ebay)
  • AEM FIC6 (shop around for best pricing)
  • FMIC (ebay)
  • Bosche PN: 020150, 315 cc injectors (from a Volvo or Rock Auto)
  • TurboSmart IWG, 5 psi spring (shop around for best pricing)
  • MBC (Grimmspeed)
  • 255 LPH fuel pump (Walbro)
  • Converted to return fuel system (misc stuff from Summit Racing)
  • FPR set to 48 psi (Turbosmart)
  • Boost/Oil pressure/AFR gauges (GlowShift / AEM)
  • Wideband O2 (AEM)
  • Smaller dual core rad (from Civic or ebay)
  • Stage 2 6 puck clutch (Rock auto )
  • 195/50R15 tires on 15x7" wheels (inexpensive Sailun Artezzo SH402 and Konig Dia-lin)


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For those interested in the weight of a Tercel.
1999, 4 door, w/ 5EFE turbo motor, 3/4 tank of fuel, build specs listed in previous post.

Total: 2,077 lbs
Front: 1,239 lbs / Rear: 837 lbs

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