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Stock CD Player

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum but have been hanging around a searching for a while.

I have a 97 avalon with the 6 speaker stereo and an in dash tape player. What I want to do is replace the tape player with a stock upgraded CD\Tape player that i've seen in other avalons.

My question is, will my car accept the in dash cd player that was stock on some models or did those models have a harness that is not included on my car?

Here is a link to a unit that I want to buy and that I think will work.

Thanks ahead of time for any input.
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I have not pulled my stereo yet but you might want to replace you speaker wire in older cars that could be a problem also. You should pull your head unit and just look at it then report back to the forum. iF it is the same.
Unfortunatly with my 2 jobs I dont have time to pull the radio out and look at it right now. Thats why I was posting here; hoping that someone would be able to tell me the answer to save me some time.

So my question still goes unanswered. Any info that would lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

it should work... the harness looks the same
Thanks. I am going to have some time on saturday to check it out so I will let you all know what I find.

I got my fingers crossed.
The stock harness should be the same as the radio your looking into getting, should have no problem being installed. The only thing that your Avalon might not have is the second harness for the stock amp. I'm not sure but thats what I think the second plug is for.
I got in there yesterday and found both of the plugs that I needed. They match up exactly with the pictures on ebay. I'll let everybody know how it goes.

That trim around the radio was a bitch to get off. I made sure that I greased the tabs so next time will be nice and easy:)
I finally got the radio and installed it yesterday. It fits perfect. So now everybody can know that the radio/cd player out of a 99 avalon will fit a 97 with no problem.

It looks sooooo good and sounds better than the stock radio and has easier controls.
Sorry, I dont have a digital camera yet.

I'm living in the dark ages.
Any stereo/cd player that begins with AD- will fit. for example AD-6801..I took had that problem with mine, as I only had the tape I upgraded it to a CD, such as AD-6801. This wshud answer your question...any others feel free to PM me
CD player pulls out

Could someone teach me how to "Pull the CD player out from the dashborad"?
I have my CDs stuck in the OEM CD changer. I need to pull the CD player out so that I can remove those CD. Please help.:sosad:
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