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stock height inches what is/was your tacoma

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Yes, I searched all over this board can not find that info so here we go on a repeat
appearance of what is your stock truck height inches.

06 tacoma access cab trd/4X4/offroad and towing

tires 265/70R16 BFG ( stock ) 7000 miles. 30lbs.

front center of hub ground to inner fenderwell 35" and 1/8 or so.

rear center of hub ground to inner fenderwall 37" and 1/8 or so

drivers side only..

Im interested in how the trd offroad towing pkg compares to other stock setups
note: I have a snugtop supersport cap on back..

lets see what other stock folks have . before I start buying very expensive parts.

thanks in advance.
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Good question. Let me go take a look and see what my DC TRD Sport is.
Okay, front is 34 7/8 rear 36 7/8 at 32 psi

All stock suspension DC Prerunner TRD Sport
06 AC PreRunner. Stock Wranglers. Using a straight edge from inner fender lip which seems a little lower than the very outer corner.

Front 34 1/2

Rear 36 1/2 (Maybe a little less, it's getting dark out there.)
All my measurements are straight up throught the center of the hub to the bottom edge of the fender in the center (all with a full tank of gas)

2005 TRD Sport D-cab

@ 27,000 miles with worn down Bridgstone Duelers 265-65 r17

Front - 34 1/8"

Rear - 35 11/16"

After I Added slightly bigger new tires w/tread - 265-70 r17

Front - 35 1/4"

Rear - 36 7/16"
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Front: 35.25"
Rear: 36.5"

Reg Cab 4x4. Full tank o' gas with stock tire size, but with Wrangler SilentArmors.
Hey Guys,
Why don't you take your measurements from the center of the HUB.
This will eliminate variances in tire size, rolling height (which can vary significantly)...etc.
This will give you a much more accurate comparison between suspension setups.
Just a suggestion.
That would be a great Idea but like another member it was dang near dark a$$ 30.

The good part here is with a few people reply you could say very close

35 front 37 rear stock

add a 2" lift

37 front 39 rear.

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