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I know its been posted before but where can I find how to remove the stock stereo on on 04 tundra?
links help...

It is simple. This is what I had to do on my 01 Tundra, but it should be the same or very similar on an 04.

Gently pull off the 3 HVAC knobs. There is a screw behind each one. Remove the screws.

Then, on the two air vents on either side of the radio, push them inwards at the top. Again, you will see a screw in there. Remove the screws.

Now, the whole HVAC/Stereo console assembly should slide right out. It may need some gentle "encouragement."

Remove the four bolts holding in the head unit; two on either side. I think they are 10mm.

You're there. :clap:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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