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Stock tires Goodyear Eagle LS not good?

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Those tires seem to have a very short life

Please post your mileage vs thread wear

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I'd agree to that. They're not the stickiest tires I've had - but for OEM they're better than usual.
The crappy Firestones my o9 corolla came with are still hanging in at 42,000 miles.
They are looking a bit thin though.
I am thinking of getting new tires and I have less then 1000km on them, what the heck am I going to do with these things if I do, no one wants to buy crap, I would be happy if the tire shop offered me some sort of trade in of $100CDN or more for them, considering they are still new.
a more softer rubber tire wears more easily but has more better grip on the road. that is what i have read before on the internet somewhere.
Eh, I don't know. Wet traction is ok; I feel safe driving with them. Dry traction however is meh. I understeer quite a bit.
I got bridgestone tires came with the car...according to tirerack...they are POS in any road conditions.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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