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In search for builds with details for ideas
Start to finish. And anything else you can include for my builds I have 3 runners.
Current project 1989 3.0 auto has procomp stage 2. 4.5" lift and 488 gearing. Running 33s. I want to complete it. So links to your favorite equipment. And aftermarket parts

So if I'm doing moderate wheeling.
What else is a good upgrade other then locker. And skid plates
Keeping the tires at 33s Adding bumpers. And sliders like I said. Removing my body lift. 5spd will be installed.
Light cage to protect body.
What about weight reduction? Storage and gear options. Lighting. Winches?

My 2nd project is my 1992 red 4runner. 488 auto. I want to create a longtravel build. It has a rear Tg bumper I need to clean it up first. Due to lots of treelove.
I was wanting to do a sas but with the little knowledge I have at the current moment. It's not worth it. So if anyone has any information on longtravel and a sweet setup to go with it. Please let me know.
My 3rd project is a 1995 sequia packaged 4runner. 5spd leather seats. Body kit.
I have little information on it other then that. Picked it up over xmass holidays.
I have no plans for it at the current moment.

This will be a long. Confusing. And interesting post. As I'm new to all this like I've said.

I want to create a perspective of wheeling. With all sorts of setups. I've grown into loving toyota. From Chevy. I just want to be able to do the work myself.
I do have some friends with a little knowledge. But most are usally busy. So any information
Links. Advice. Or anything will help.

Call me crazy. But I own a section of land thru family farming. Waiting for more. I want to buy and build. As many of the models. And types of toyota 4x4 or offroad units.. It's my dream and goal. I'm starting with the 2nd gens. Because
1. It was my first toy and 4x4.
2. Lots of things can be done.
3. Aren't to old that I can't figure out.

So I'm hoping I can have your support and help on the way.

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I like that short wheel base runner on the left, in the 2nd pic
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