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Hello everyone,

I seached and only found info on the 4WD.

As you all know I have a 2WD 05 standard cab and am looking for new rims. I've seen some 18" on a similar truck, but I hated how wide they looked compared to the stock body panels. (too much offset I guess) I just feel that a wheel should not stick out from the fender at all.......

I love the look of the x-runner wheels and tires, but I know that with the body kit, the fenders are wider (I guess???)

What are the dementions of the stock "styled steel wheels" I know they are 15" x 6.5 or 7.

Beyond that I have no idea. i.e. Offset?

Part two of this is what offset range should I be looking for in order to keep them under the stock fenders?

Does anybody have an size suggestions based on real world experience?

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