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stone chips?

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Hello everyone,
I'm freaking out! There's about half a cm of paint missing on the door. My car is black and it shows and looks terrible. It looks like a stone chip but its on the door? :confused: I do a lot of highway driving and I have A LOT of stone chips on the hood and front bumper. It looks terrible specially because my car is black. What can I do about the chips and the paint missing other than touch-up paint?
thanks in advance.
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i heard that power polishings can sometimes hide imperfections, i have a black camry too and i just ended up saying fuck it, i got lots of acid rain damage, i heard vinegar can help remove it though, anyone know much about vinegar on the ole camry will do?

anyways, ask a detailing shop about power polishing, it might help from what i have heard :)
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