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I recently bought a used 2000 TRD Pre Runner 111000 on it. Great condition. Only problem is I get a shimmy and sort of stutter type of stoping. I had new shocks and wheel alignment done. Seller told he had a brake job done at a gas station while back. Do you think maybe he just changed pads and I have to turn the rotors or new ones. Anybody experiance this.
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I would have the rotors checked for run out, warping and heat spots. Check your local parts store, I would expect your could get the rotors for under a $100
Thanks I kinda figured it would be the rotors. I leaning towards doing that. New rotors and pads. I Love that truck.:lol: :whatwhat:
x2 on the rotors warping. Tacos are notorious for warped rotors.
x3 on the rotors. You may be better off buy a new set and installing those. Have the old ones turned, coat them with anti corrosion stuff and store then until the next brake service. Then use the old ones and turn the current set.

If the current rotors have "altered" the pads, you will need new pads.
Thanks guys. I am getting the new Rotors and pads this weekend. Good idea about turning the old ones and storing for next time. Save a little time on next one. Glad I found this site. I learn a lot by browsing around.:eek: :naughty:
No offense to gas station shops, but I definately try to stay away. There's a pretty good chance they overtightened the lugs when they put the wheel back on causing the rotors to warp. I hate even letting tire shops touch my lugs for that very reason.
check for cross-drilled/slotted rotors: $45 a side. they won't overheat as esily resulting in less warpage. i drive in the Smokies and end up riding the brakes a lot. no warping in 30k miles on my 99 xcab. just put a set on my sister's Ltd 4Runner, too!
Cross drilled and slotted usually eat pads.
wantin 150, i'd heard that, too, and that was a concern when i put them on, but i have not seen any unusually heavy wear on my pads and have over 30k on them.
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