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Stores to Get It From?

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Where's a good site to find some good struts like crawlingeye's..
tokico tower bar i think, and also, where can I get a CAI custom made.. but before that.. what's the difference between an already made CAI by AEM and a CAI that's custom made for camry
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generally, premade CAI's are "custom made" for the car that they say they are made for, which generally includes extensive R&D to get the most hp/tq gain.
You can search to find out how to make your CAI, the tower bar I have is an Arospeed, which can be bought directly from them.

Custom implies DIY or having someone else do a DIY job for you.
"Custom" is code word for "I made it myself"

Ones made by companies are made for Camrys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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