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Can you imagine that Eonon had something to do with the Chile earthquake, and after suffering together with the owner, Eonon units stayed still alive without problem? Everything could happen in these modern global village. This is a true story. ;)

During the hardest time in Santiago, Chile, one of our customers Carlos Saiz(In order to respect his privacy, we use an alias) came to Eonon's Facebook fan page, posted his Eonon installation photo together with his words: "Hello, this is my car radio, installed by my in my SUV Ford Ecosport and was my only contact in both, radio and tv after the earthquake that occurred in my country. I am very grateful for having been able to have news through."

This is Carlos Saiz's Eonon E1022 Car DVD which survived till now even went through the earthquake! And it kept him connected to the outside world.

We were very proud of our product to help him out during the difficult days, but at the same time it arouse us to contribute more as part of our responsibility to the world. So we decided to raise money from our staff. We have collected and will donate to International Red Cross. What's more, as a treat, we will give 20% off coupon to Chilean, it's apply to all the products from Eonon. Chilean could ask for our online salesman for the coupon code. Just click here , write an Email to [email protected] or ask in Eonon facebook page.

Eonon staff were collecting money for Chile this time.

Eonon have the charity tradition for a long time:
1. After the earthquake happened in 2008 in China, we have donated HK$196,200.00. You can refer to this list here by Hong Kong Red Cross. No. 440 is us.
2. We established Sunbobo Hope school in 2008 in poor village in Guangxi Province,
3. We have set our scholarship to some colleges in Guangdong Province annually.

The cute students with angel smile from our Sunbobo Hope school in Guangxi, China!

We know the power of ourselves is limited, so we call for all the people around the world to give a helping hands to Chile, assist them get back to normal soon, live a happy life like all of us! You could donate your money or useful things to the Red Cross of your country, or find other best way to help. One good turn deserves another. Many little can make a miracle. Thanks a lot for you kind help to Chile! :chug:
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