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strange grinding noise from under car

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I have a strange grinding noise seemingly from the rear end under the car. Or sound-proofing is too good so it has to come from under the car?

The noise occurs when I accelerate or decelerate and sound like some metal or plastic rubbing against each other.

When I stopped the car without parking break and ask a friend to push the car back and forth for me, under the car, it felt it came from something above this piece of big metal next to the exhaust and the exhaust heat shield, at the right rear side. (I don't know what it is, and there's like a metal bar that runs over the metal. I'm trying to look it up but I'm having a hard time finding pictures.)

I'm wondering what's loose or what can it be?
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Maybe a hub bearing or loose lug nuts, Try jacking up the rear with the trans in PARK and spin the wheel and see if noise is there, If it is check to see if you have side to side play in the wheel- hub, If it has more then just a slight bit of play it should not be driven. Even if there is no play does not mean the bearing is good. if no play i would remove the wheel (you should have a jack stand under car at this point) and drum and then turn the hub by hand, this should turn smoothly and without any noise.
The noise is not from the drum or hub. No lateral play etc. I did take of the wheels and they spin without that noise. It indeed should be something loose because the noise only comes up when there's acceleration or deceleration. It's actually a little bit in front of the rear wheels. I thought it was like the gas tank is somehow loose or something, but I figured the gas tank would be on the left, but this is on the right. I could feel the vibration of noise with my hand, from a large plane piece of metal. But whether it's from that or above that, I don't know. What is the piece of metal and what's above it? I was trying to look it up in the manual for the 94 Camry, but neither does the body section nor the suspension/axle sections show the chassis.
It's something like this: if you've taken your spare wheel away, with an empty metal trunk and you leave a piece of metal inside the trunk. Then when you accelerate, the metal slides its way to the back end, making a grind noise. Then when you brake, it moves forward. Only a little bit more oscillation in my case...

The wheels spin fine.
Have yoou checked the heat shield and the exhaust mouting bracket?
Have yoou checked the heat shield and the exhaust mouting bracket?
I did. They don't make the noise. The concentration of noise is from the black piece of metal to the right of those.
were you able to figure out the problem with your car?
my camry has been doing this recently.
today while going in reverse and the steering was all the way to left it started making that noise
when i did it again it dint make the sound?

a week ago it would make the same metal grinding noise if the car starts moving from a red light.
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