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Strange noise.

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This is gonna be hard to explain but here goes:

After a cold start (in the a.m.) my 95 cam makes a funny noise. (It's like a whinny squeak). It comes from under the hood, near the passenger side. I checked my timing belt and that's in good shape. After the car is warmed up, the noise stops. I changed the oil last month, same stuff I always used (Mobil 1 syn 15w-50). She has about 90k miles on her.
My dad listened and said it could be a loose berring...and someone else said it could be my oils too thick and not lubricating well enough. I think it's more external (not the engine). I looked through the Search button, but nothing helped.
Just wondered if anyone had some insight before bringing her to the shop. thanks
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Maybe it's the accessory belt?:dunno:
Where is that located? What does it run?
I have the same problem sometimes. After the car is warm it goes away right? In my case, its definately a belt, im thinking the alternator belt. Next time you do a cold start pop the hood and see if you can localize the sound. If you have never changed the belts and the clock shows 90k miles, it may be time to do so. On my old grand cherokee I sprayed a little belt dressing on the offending belt and that killed the squeal, temporarily. Haven't tried it on my solara yet because it rarely happens.

- Paul
erm accesorys such as your a/c, alternator, power stearing. i yours has 2 belts and maybe a bottle of lucas oil stuff can help. i also had that problem and found it was a belt issue, i still have it but i'm not going to fight with the power stearing.
Thanks guys...I think it's a belt of some-sort...i'll stick my blonde head under the hood tomorrow morning...and hopefully I can figure it out. :) Thanks again!
You can just spray the belt with some water (With a 'ziff' bottle)when it's running. If the sound changes, or goes away,'ve found the problem.
I heard that you should take a bar of soap and let it rub against the belts and that would remove the squealing noise. I think someone on this forum said that.
Easy way to check and see if its a belt.....Have someone turn the steering wheel lock to lock with the a/c running, look at the bottom of the alt. belt. Look down at the compressor.....on my car the compressor stops spinning because the belt is slick or wet or warn... This is the reason I bought my car for $3,000...... Cuz the dumb lady that sold it to me thought it was a major problem, and because 3 mechanics couldn't find the problem.....I couldn't have located the problem in 5 mins of looking at the car. :lol: Its really not a big issue, I've been running like that for about a year now. Every now and again the steering will get hard to turn and kicks back on me a little bit, and the belt squeeks when I have the a/c on or when I hit a puddle. You pulleys may need to be cleaned, Try scraping the pully grooves first. If that doesn't work, check the tension on the belt before you start your car. If that checks out, get a new belt....but still Id clean the pullys anyways. *you have to scrape the grooves* If it doesn't stop....and you don't fix it till its broke....tire wet works wonders on squeeky belts. :thumbup:
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Thanks guys. My steering is fine, just the odd sound when I start her up. This morning she was fine-no noise. Odd. All the belts look fine so i guess I should just keep an eye on it. Lemme know if you guys have more ideas.
I am gonna take her in for a checkup anyways, to replace sparks, filters and such. I'll just run the noise issue off of them and see what they come up with. But Thanks a ton! :D
If the belt looks glazed, shiney or cracked it should be replaced; or you can be left stranded some where when it fails......:hammer:

I noticed you are using 15w 50 there a reason for this?
It's just what my dad uses... probably a bit expensive...but it seems to run great with it.
Well If you like it then :thumbup: , but 30 weight oil will give you better fuel economy.
i don't notice anything different with fuel. Tonight I did a cold start and there was no noise... I dunno...
How long you've been usin Mobil 1 15w - 50 oil on ur normal family car? What could you possibly be gainin with Mobil 1 15w-50 in this car.
For about two years. Honestly-I used it because it's what my dad put in the first time. Ever since then I have used it. I do notice a difference when running it, and it lasts a bit longer. I am probably pissing away more money using the stuff-- but my mechanic said it was fine, but I might want to think about a thinner weight for winter, which I probably, most likely will do before the winter.
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