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Up till last week, I had a simple V6 white Camry saloon. Only sticker I have on the back window is a flag of the US.
Have 17" wheels and 50 series tires on stock suspension..No pipe or sounds. Not many people seemed to care.

End of last week, I got H&Rs and Tokicos in, enjoyed it much.
But on lowering the car, I get people trying to start something at everylight, It was kinda fun after one or two but it kept coming. Every ricer whats a little souvenier. Two scuzzy civis, one old datsun and some ford, Are they seeing a lowered car and interpete as a little anxiety were all trying to get me to speed up in traffic, stop light action .Fuck dem trolls, not taking that bait.Two pretty stupid thugs tried by cutting into the front of my car at speed.

Hmmm, maybe its time to show why a cam is cool.

**edited for spelling, was mad when I typed it.
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