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Stroker Crank 1MZ-FE

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Well, the title tells it all, but I was wondering... (yes, I searched too).... IS there a stroker crank available for the 1MZ-FE? The new 3.3L V6.. is it stroked, or just larger bore / same stroke? Just day dreaming about a 4.0l 1MZ-FE..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

If not, then HOW much more displacement can be achieved with a 1st or 2nd overbore?

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Boring won't increase displacement by much. However stroking will and it plays a bigger factor in overall engine displacement.

Look for posts by me with a bunch of math in the posts below:

I basicly prove that stroking increases engine displacement a lot more vs. boring. ;)

As for your question about the crank. I don't know if one exists or not, or if you can use the crank from a 3MZ-FE.

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i belive the 3mz uses a diffrent crank and only the 2mz and 1mz share the same crank (judging from bore size)

you can always get the crank redone to give about .1 more
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