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Strut Mount Question

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My gen 4 camry has been plagued with Strut Mount problem. I know from previous threads here, there are other gen 4s' with similar problems. Initially i assumed replaceing it would solve the problem, but its a recurring problem. Toyota only offers lifetime replacement on gen 4 sturt mounts if you are the original purchase of the vehicle (cus' they know about this problem as well). There are a few TSB's on this as well. I'm on my third set (all extended warranty), but that will expire within a year. Long story short...who all is affected by this problem. Are you on stocks or were you lowered? (and i've learnt that replacing it solves the problem for 10K miles only)...hence its a recurring problem....
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^^ Bump...anyone......
I never knew that they had lifetime replacements! :mad:

In any case, mine was knocking on the right on OEM suspension starting @ 50K. @ 80K, replaced -BOTH- sides thinking that I might as well replace them when I had my TRD+Tokico's put in. Now both knock :mad:

For whatever it's worth, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it." grrr
SKYravefever said:
I never knew that they had lifetime replacements! :mad:
Only if you are the original owner of the vehicle...bummer for me. I'm on my third set...but what happens when warranty expires...My point was that did eibach/tokico set up reduce/eliminate knocking...(iguess for you it caused it..)
^ yeh, unfortunately, it didn't.

I'm not sure if I want to fork over another $120 for the pair + labor to have it redone. :(

I am the original owner, could you please elaborate or link me to some documentation about the replacement?
^ i also am an original owner & was under the impression that once you were out of warranty which i am, that you had to fork over the $120 to have them replaced, i have not heard of this lifetime replacement thing :confused:

i went to the dealerhsip 2 weekends ago to bithch about it to them....THEY told me if i were the original owner..then they'd do it....(Champion Toyota, Houston, Texas). Nevertheless, i'm never going back to them....
^ awww... c'mon, don't be a party pooper :p: j/k

I'd be interested to have some sort of documentation for that. I just might go back to stock suspension for it.. or when my suspension goes bad, whenever that happens.
i just wish they would give me the updated strut mounts so i can install them myself when i put my whole new suspension this summer...i don't trust/want the dealership to touch my car b/c i am that freakish about my car :(

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