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Strut question, for those with KYB GR-2

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Strut Assembly
Front - Left
w/ sealed struts
The 4" diameter disc welded to the KYB strut is not the spring seat. It is the support plate for the strut bearing and spring seat. If the Factory spring seat and bearing cannot be reused on the new KYB strut then the installer should replace them with KYB numbers SM5125 (bearing) and SM 5173 (spring seat).

Read the bold

So do I need those extra parts or will my spring seat and bearing from my old genuine toyota struts fit on the GR-2? Seems kinda BS that they don't state outright whether or not those two things fit. If they don't it almost doubles parts costs!

So has any had experiance with this, anyone have to get the seat mount and bearing, or did they fit fine?

My camry is a gen3 1993 5sfe.
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All I can tell ya bro is that when i installed KYB GR-2 struts on my 89 gen2, they were a 100% bolt on affair. I also put in Intrax springs as well. The ride is really nice and firm and the springs give my camry a nice lowered old school look that really complements my mesh alloy rims. Only problem that I've experienced is that my rear strut mount bearings creak like the upstairs neighbors bed late at night. I really should've spent the extra bucks to put in new strut mount bearings when i had the assemblies out of the car. oh well, the creaking sound is barely audible if ya crank up the tunes:p: Good luck on your gen3 and hope that its just a r&r job like mine was.

Now the rest of you with KYB's on your Gen 3 make some posts! Wanna get these things ordered asap.
they fit no problem, i used my old ones, but if they're really fucked up, then you'll have to change them
i changed them using my old strut mounts, but they were pretty worn out as it is, so now i'm getting this clunkin noise in the front left driver side, i think i need new strut mounts ..i hope my strut isnt blown ....:rolleyes:
Wish i could help you. I replaced the front struts on a gen3 with the kyb gr-2's about 3 weeks ago, but when replacing them I noticed that they ALREADY WERE gr2's (previous owner, I guess) I re-used the spring seats that were on them, but I can't tell you if they were the OEM seats or the kyb ones.
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