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strut replacement

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i've been pricing replacements strutson the internet...i have a 91 with 2.0/auto..anyone know off hand if this model uses replacement cartridges or non rebuildable struts??? Who prefers KYB over Monroe Sensatrac?? thx.mike
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I assume the struts are factory-rebuildable. The Monroe struts I put on mine appeared to be rebuilt units.

Don't forget to replace the strut mount up top, too.
ok....i 'll get those mounts and ball joints...any other parts that should be changed in the front/rear suspension???
The old strut bellows may not fit your new struts. Probably a good thing to have, keep the dust and crud out of the piston area. I had to modify my strut bellow and bumpstop set: the bumpstop didn't fit correctly so I reamed out the center to fit over the strut piston.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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