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Any one got ant struts for your rollas? does it help i tend to whip my car around turns going down hill i found these and wanted to know if they are worth it or if i can get better ones
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Most people go with either the TRD one or ebay kind. This one looks prety good. ry check E-bay ladat. I bought one cheapo one form ebay, like $15 I think and like $20 fo shipping bcause we live Hawaii.
i was thinking of buying one too. Do you think i would feel the difference for every day driving?
Save up for the TRD bar, it will be well worth the extra cost IMO.
+1 on TRD bar

If that one costs $55 already, you might as well save up an extra $100 to get a TRD bar.

I know I'm happy with mine:thumbsup:
A strut bar alone will hardly improve your handling. To really feel an improvement, you'll need a whole new suspension, meaning struts/springs or full coilovers. For whipping around corners, you'll want to reduce pitch and lean. Here's a story for you. A member on threw on all the chassis bars he could get his hands on without upgrading his stock shocks and springs. So his setup consisted of front/rear strut bars, front/rear sway bars, and chassis member braces on stock struts and springs. He decided to take the car hard through a canyon. The chassis didn't flex. However, the car still had pitch and lean. Therefore, his car lost control and flipped over into the canyon. The initial suspension is more important.
There is always the driver component of that equation as well, if he couldn't handle those turns driving on the stock supension (which is almost always more forgiving if you make a steering input error), then canyon roads are definitely not the place to test out new suspension parts. He probably got overconfident and didn't have enough seat time to learn his car's new handling characteristics. Even before hand, just analyzing his setup is realizing that it's no good.... body roll + stiff chassis = recipe for disaster.

But I agree, to get the full effect of improved handling, the rest of the suspension components have to be upgraded as well. But the point of this thread is to compare front strut bars available and the TRD one seems to be the best.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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