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Stuck bleeder valve...

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Gonna start a new thread fer yah!

Gotta bleeder valve question for you. If the valve goes bad, will it not let the break fluid through when bleeding? I checked my lines that I replaced and they're not leaking, but the line could also not be fitted to the housing.
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Only thing I can think of on bleeder valves is the ball gits stuck. Also, double check that yer LSPV (load sensing proportional valve) is working. I would just disconnect the rod that attaches to the rear axle housing and push it towards the top of the bed. That should allow you to git a full flow to bleed yer rear brakes. You can tie it off there if you don't have a helper Don't fergit to bleed the LSPV out as well...and don't fergit to hook the LSPV rod back up when done with the back brakes! :D
Bleeder Valve

Thanks for the new thread BZP.

I actually took the bleeder valve completely out of the drum. The whole at the bottom of the bleeder had dirt in it and inside the valve that was clogging the valve. Works like a charm now!!

No prob...this way you don't hijack someone else's thread and have yer info buried in a different subject. ;)

If that had dirt/corrosion/crud in it....I'd double check that LSPV...really. Pull the bleeder off of that and bleed that sucker out! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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