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stuck! (replacing steering column)

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I am almost done. I got the good steering shaft in place and most of the wires hook up. The one that doesn;t hook up is the light for the tumbler. I do't care about that. AFter I fix this thing I think I am going to either trade it in or sell it to someone needee.

Do to the fact that there are a few universal joints in the lower and upper parts of the steering mechinisum, I can not fully push the shaft onto the new column. What are some of the things I could try to do. I have to get this done tomorro morning. Thanks for everyones help.

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There are a couple of things that I usually discourage people who are not skilled mechanics from taking on, and replacing the shaft on the steering column is one of them. The potential for liability is great, not only for the guy who tries to guide you in written mediums, but also for you when you sell the car.

If you can't get the car to a shop, then I'd ask a local gearhead for advice, because he can look over your shoulder and point to things.
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