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STUMPED! Exhaust Noise Not in tune with the engine.

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the noise that comes from my exhaust seems to not be related to the speed of the engine. sounds like metal spinning and rubbing it will stop if i let off the gas. is the definately the muffler? what else could it be? ive noticed that one screw is gone on the exhaust manifold. but the metal shield seems very sturdy and i have a 2nd opinion to that .


-What is a good place to get one online?
-what is the cheapest bolt on option?

by the way my car is
a 1994 Corolla Automatic
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Your description leads me to believe the problem is not your muffler. Bosal makes excellent mufflers and I would not replace it with a bolt on. Welded joints will last longer, are stronger, and seal better. I think your car uses a dual muffler set-up. Usually when a muffler starts to go, the sound will become gradually louder with time. It never hurts to have the car diagnosed by a mechanic. It may be something in the drivetrain or brake system. But, I would need more info. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do:

1) Check your CV boots for tears.
2) Worn wheel bearings also make noise, but usually noise is more constant. You can jack up one wheel at a time and turn the wheel listening for noise and feeling resistance.
3) Check belt tension.
4) Check all fluid levels.

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fluid levels

thanks for the effort... i would hope that anyone that comes on this board would be smart enough to check and change all fluid levels regularly. i definately do. also CV boots and Belts are Fine... the wheel bearings.. those i dont know i would hope they are fine... but maybe my description of the noise is bad...

the noise is in tune with the engine more or less but sometimes it seems like isn't in tune which makes me think it is something exhaust related.
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