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neither myself nor two mechanics at tuscaloosa toyota feel like this is normal. the keyway seems too large for the key, no? the cam sprocket's keyway is just the right size.. it's the one i'm holding in the pic.
I cant remember play being in it when i took it off. I even ordered another oil pump drive sprocket from toyota, and it's exactly the same dimensions!?! (they're side by side on the towel.. one of em's in the chain.)
anybody familiar with this job? (oh yeah, and dang what a chore that power steering pump (vane pump) assy is lol..
oh, ok, no .mov uploads allowed.. i wanted to show how when either gear is slipped on the end of the crank with the key in it's keyway, there's space that would allow it to 'wobble' unless its just held in place by the compressive force of the cam sprocket, cps, crank pulley, and bolt.
ok, here's a pic of oil sump drive sprockets (one original, one i ordered from dealership) side by side, then the camgear sprocket, i'm holding. notice the keyway is wider in the oil sump sprockets than in the cam drive? surley this doesnt go on with all this play, and the key is undamaged and same dimensions along the end of the crank..
i just dont want to have to pull this front motor cover off again.


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