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Help all you Taco gurus. I called my dealer and they run the vin on my 2000 Taco and told me that it had the RS3000 security system installed on it. Everything in the truck says that's right except for the brain box for the system. It has the Red Toyota security light on the dash and I have found the glass breakage sensor. according to all the things I have read on the forums you have to find where the brain is to push a button to program a new remote. I have took the seats out not there, pulled both kick panels not there, pulled the lower dash on the drivers side not there ,pulled the glove box not there either. Anyone have any idea where it could be? The dealer said it could be anywhere but I figure someone out there knows where it is. Help please I am bidding on a remote on Ebay and I hate to win it and not be able to use it.:sosad: Hey guys I found it after some research on RS3000 systems, Mine is located behind the fuse box and it is a beyotch to get to to push the button for programming
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There put on at the dealer.So its pretty much where the installer likes to put them.The newer trucks have them obove the glove box.
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