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Stupid Check Engine Light!!!!!!

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Okay, so, I have a 2001 Toyota Roxy Echo. Last month, I was on my way to Seattle for a car show. I was with a bunch of my friends and drove off without putting my gas cap back on my car. No biggie, I went and bought a new one. BUT, my check engine light came on. My boyfriend reset it and I called it good. Well, this morning I was driving to work and it came on AGAIN! I am a little worried now. My boyfriend wants to reset it again but, I am concerned that there might be something wrong. The thing is, I have 36,044 miles on my car and I now have no warranty. Grrr. SO, should I be a sucker and head to the dealership or just reset it and call it good again?

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I am not sure what the problem might be if you left the gas cap off but if he reset it once thats okay but if it came on again i would have it checked if it was related to the gas cap then the computer allowed the reset and if it came up again (and if its related to the gas cap) then most likely theres a real problem, and if its not related to the cap then you will be glad that you checked it out and if money or hassle drives you nuts at the dealerships check around to see if you can find a diagnostic reader from someone where you live or borrow one from an autozone or pepboys usually they lend it out for a deposit.:thumbup:
if the gas cap wasn't the same as the original, the air pressure in the gas tank may be incorrect. There is a sensor that would detect this, which would trigger your Chk Engine Light.......

may be a very simple fix....
Thanks so much for your help! I went to Autozone last night and this is the code that it put out. P0440 which is "Evaporative Emission Control System Malfuntion" I have no idea what that means! I am going to call the dealership today. Anyone have any ideas as to what that may mean? Thanks again for all your help! It is much apprecieated!

It could be a few things like a bad pcv valve,egr, maybe even oxygen sensor or wrong gas cap im not to familiar with the echo. Good Luck
Thanks! I just called the dealership on my lunch and they helped me out. ( I couldn't believe it!) She said that my light is probably coming on because I went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheap gas cap and it probably isn't sealing right. I called my friend (who works in parts at the local Toyota dealership! Pays off to have ex-boyfriend's roomie's number!) He said that he would hook me up with a new gas cap for 10bucks! Usually they're 20! SO, let's hope this fixes my little CEL problem!

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