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Stupid headlight question/idea

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Now, i'm not sure why this idea popped into my head or why i'm even contemplating doing it, so i decided to get my kick-ass TN colleagues' opinions on it.

i have a problem where i try to thing about systems as economically as possible. i had taken off my headlight assemblies to get to my bumperlight bulbs (long story why i couldnt just get at em from outside)
but after i had changed the bulbs, i was lookin at my headlight assemblies as they sat on my garage floor and noticed that there was a whole helluva lot of "glass" that was, like, not 'sending the light outwards.' I mean, u kno the top part of the glass on the headlight assembly, where it's flat, clear and kinda just sits under the hood,the part you can't see when you're hood is shut?
i was thinking of painting this part of the headlight, either something dark or something that would refelect the light outwards..

idk, good idea? bad idea? wasted 15 minnits of your time? opinions?
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I know what your talking about, if you covered it up with foil or something that reflects it, it's possible it would improve light output a bit but it may also reflect the light directly onto the ground or perhaps reflect again so it illuminates into the sky, which could cause glare to other drivers. If you have an extra set why not try it out and see how it goes.
Painting it a dark color would probably just absorb most of the output that reaches it
Using aluminum foil would result in a poorly reflected out, as geoff put it.

Theoretically, if you install a good quality aluminum reflector, it would work in producing a good, clean output, but i don't think it's as easy as it sounds (I work with aquariums, and retrofitted a high output lamp which required some knowledge of this kind of stuff)
try it. i know no one has and it may help a little or it may waste your time but unless ya try, ull never know.:thumbup:
waste of time, it wont affect the light output much

just turn on the lights at night and open your hood, not much light escapes the top part anyways
i have a somewhat similar idea for the gen 4 head and corner lights... just gotta locate a full set of front lights on the cheap, poilsh em clean and pop em open for my plan ;) hopefully the rain will stop soon and i can get out to the junk yards or just call a couple friends who run tow services and see what they
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