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sub box

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hey. can anyone point me to a good place to get sub boxes? im leaning towards ones with some neons but one that is not overly expensive.

and also i have 2 of these

what would be some good specs that i should look for in a box.

and also, is it better to have an enclosed box or one that has the subs open

( im driving a '07 Camry LE btw )
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You can get the box custom built to any way you like with MDF or fiberglass.

As for those subs, a sealed or ported enclosure (I think that's what your asking) will change the way the subs sound. It really depends on the type of sound you like. Sealed enclosures don't get as loud but have a tighter sound. Ported enclosures get louder but have boomier sound.
also space is an issue. if you need a lot of trunk space sealed boxes are smaller while ported can be much bigger.
those work good sealed or ported....i am running two in a sealed MDF/fiberglass enclosure in my reg. cab chevy and it sounds very nice......i think the box turned out to be just under 2 ft.^3.....
i tend to see these in sealed box more often then ported.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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