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I just installed a Kenwood deck, to a Sony 222 amp to sub....

After initial install (late at night) all was fine.
Going to work in the morning, after about 2 songs, the amp drops off completely.
At the time I figured maybe just a connection fell loose cause i was up late doing the install, and maybe didnt do such a good job.
So I get home from work that day, pull it all apart and check and re-wire everything.
OK, works fine again, not sure exactly what was loose, but it mustve been something, right?
Going to work again the next morning.... SAME FARKIN SHITE!! :headbang:
SUB cuts off after a song or two....
Going to re-wire again when i get home, hopefully all will be fine again, then just sit in my driveway and let it play for few songs to see if it cuts out while stationary....

All fuses are fine, wires are fine, connections seem fine....

Might there be something simple im overlooking here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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agree with above posters.

Either your gain is set too high causing your amp to overheat and go into protection or perhaps you've got a poor ground connection (this happened to me). Another thing that happened to me was my subs were defective. This is not likely your problem but I thought I'd toss it ya. Good luck.

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If all else checks out, then the amp isn't getting enough current to keep it running. Voltage only turns on the equipment, it's current that actually drives the equipment.

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What are you running? need that info to tell you exactly what is going on, need the model of the amp and what sub your running, and if it is a dual voice coil, what config do you have it set up at.
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