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Sub in an MR2

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Just got a 91 MR2 and tryin to figure out where a good palce would be to fit a sub. wondering if anyone has a good suggestion as to where they fit nice and sound good.
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you could fit some behind the seats
Well..... the cab is tiny..... soo.... you are left with about 1 option if you want to hear the things.... soo.... behind the seats. You should be able to fit a 10" behind each seat w/ no problems.
thats what I fiigured. I was just wonderin if there was any other way to do it. I think I'm just gonna do kick ass 6 1/s components and leave it at that
When I was into bass competitions, I had custom 12" boxes made for behind the seats. It was loud and very uncomfortable. After that I went 10"s behind the seats, that was also pretty annoying. Now I have components front and rear with no subs and it sounds great.
Ya.... I agree with ryde. I have a 6x9 behind each seat, and speakers in my doors... and it is more than enough. If you do put a sub.... don't do any more than 1 - 10"... that should give you more than enough bass.
where did ya put the components in the rear?
well if you wanna get fancy put a sub in the passenger side of the dash. :D

i agree with just 1 10", my cousin has that in his suv and it still sounds good for such a large cabin.
i've got top quality competition 5.25's up front, 2 sets of tweeters, stock rear speakers(bout to be upgraded) and a JL 8W6 in my mr2. There's enough room to put up to a 10" behind each seat, however, the speaker box size depends on what size and brand sub you buy. I made my box myself to better suit my needs and the contours of the car. In my opinion, you really only need one 8". Just remember to apply ample power to your speakers. Amplifiers are what makes and breaks you, sound quality wise. Alpine V12's are exceptional. Invest in a decent headunit as well. I'm running alpine head/amps, Kicker comp speakers, and JL sub. Extraordiary, crisp, clear, sound with enough thump to shake the crap out of you. Hoope this helps.
i have 2 5.25" in the door, tweeters in the mirrior and 4" tweeters in the sides behind the seat, and 2 10s behind the seat in a box that was out of an s-10. it fit perfectly. I only had a little mtx 250 watt amp, and i was really suprised on how hard they would hit. All the speakers were sony, the subs were mtx. The cab in the mr2 acts like a big sub box.
does the MR2 have a factory sub under the drivers seat? and if you put subs behind the seats is there still enough room for the T-Tops to go?
Yes, it has a 6" in the box that your t-tops sit on. You can get pre-made boxes for a 10" sub that allows you to still put your t-tops back there.
why not load the front with the amps then put the 10 or 12 in the center?
the center storage console would be in the way.....and also alot of ppls prefer the "stealth" look.....out of sight for potential theives.....
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