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subwoofer enclosure

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i have my two 15 inch subs in a sealed enclosure these things really pound but the problem i have is the air pressure inside makes the box make alot of nasty noises. if i port this box would the noises go away any ways in how i can get the noises to stop?should i put a slot or put a port instead?
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Is it the box or the sub? what is the thickness and type of wood you used? Check around the sub and see if air is leaking
find out what kind of sub it it for ported or sealed? i have two 15" KICKERS bumps, but I can get a tighter sounds with 12's and with 12's i actually have space...
when i play it at normal levels it sounds great but when i crank it up a bit the boxes seem to be getting to much air inside causing the bx to make some annoying ass noises the material is 3/4 inch mdf theres no air leakage is there anyway i could port off the air it sounds like a system in the trunk of a car without dynamat coming from the box instead of the truck this really annoys me
porting will not fix the problem, your enclosure has a leak or is not properly assembled, I had the same problem with an enclosure, the shop added for screws to where the noise was coming from
Not only may it not fix the problem, it may compound the problem. You can't just willy nilly do anything to a sub enclosure. The box and the woofer have to be matched, either the box built to the woofer or the woofer chosen to the available space.

Does your box have bracing?
Dual chambered or single shared?
What subwoofers are you running?
What is the dimensions of the enclosure?
no bracing shared audiobahn 15 in too lazy to check model numbers 34 inches long 17 inches high and 10 inches wide
^ haha, I guess you'll never know if your sub matches your box.

You just shouldn't port an enclosed box either. When a box has a port, it should be bigger than the sealed box. You really need to find the enclosure specs for your sub. I'd say anything 1.25 cubic feet in size should have bracing.

I just made a subwoofer box the other day...measure it perfectly to specs...:thumbup:
You're too lazy to check the models, yet, you're willing to port the box with some unknown proportions? Please, do some homework. :rolleyes:

You always need to brace the box, especially with two 15's.
i have two fifteens(CVR's) in my car now and they sound great, but with the sealed box, you really need to know your subs or you'll miss a lot of the lower end. I recommend you research the drivers and then think about a new, possibly better constructed box. not knowing your subs I would still guess that your box is too small for them
i found the problem the guy who made the box for me is a ass hole excuse my language but the box he used was for one subwoofer only he just expanded it to make it for 2 and i guess it didnt work out to well he didnt even check any numbers or anything!!!!!
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