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Subwoofer installation with stock HU?

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Ive been slowly working on installing a subwoofer for as cheap as possible. I have a box built and my amp rack ready to go.

But before i actually buy the sub and amp i wanted to know what kind of wiring harness do i need to attach a sub to the stock head unit. Also i have the DF-toy installed if that causes any issues.

I havent decided exactly what sub and amp I want but im limited to $500. Ill probibly go with a nice alpine sub and a moderate amp as i dont need it to be to loud.

I did a pretty intense search and couldnt really find any solid results any input would help.
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You just need a line level converter or an amp with line inputs. Then set the amp settings to Low Pass and the frequency to somewhere between 80 and 100 Hz. Since you are using the stock HU it would be nice if you had an amp with a remote volume control. Otherwise there won't be any good way to adjust the bass volume while you're driving.
You built your box before you bought the sub? arent you concerned with the proper volume for the sub?
Nah i got the box for free, my buds taco got broken into and they stole the subs. So he gave me his. If it sounds like crap ill just buy a new box later.

Ah thank you pb, just a quick question, where would i go about buying the converter, and how would it hookup to the stock HU?
You might want to send a PM to Cam2Xrunner. He knows about all the latest amps and stuff. Since you are on a budget you might want to look into getting an amp with speaker level (aka High level inputs). Then you won't need an inverter. You just splice into the stock speaker wires and connect them to the amp. You won't need any RCA cables either if you do it that way.

You might want to go to and do some searching around. I think they have tutorials about car stereo stuff works, and how to hook it up.
This is as cheap as you can get with the sub setup and get the most bass.

The bad things...

It can fly if you get into an accident
Someone can easily see and steal

Luckily, none have happened!

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Nice setup norcaltacoma! Very simple.

Yea i love crutchfield. I didnt know i could just splice the speaker wires. Thanks for help pb!
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