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Sudden Really Loud Banging/Tapping/Knocking Noise from Passenger Side of Motor

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Im new to the forums, but not new to camrys. My girlfreind has a 1997 Camry LE 4 Cyl (2.2) with 131000 miles that has ran great with no problems at all. Yesterday morning she started it up and it immediately starting making extremely loud clanking/knocking/banging sounds from the crankcase area on the passenger side of the motor.

The car doesnt seem to lose power, actually idles fine and runs good suprisingly. No smoke/smells. However i noticed coolant is pouring out from what appears to the the timing belt cover/area. (I couldnt tell if there is a hole in the block or the water pump is leaking.)

The car has been well maintained from when it was purchased new. Oil changes always on time. It was a half quart low on oil, and the coolant was very old. Topping off the oil obviously didnt fix the problem, and i didnt assume it would. There is a very slight oil leak from what appears to the oil pan gasket/valve cover areas (typical for the age i would say).

My last Camry was a 1992 that lasted 264K and the engine seized up out of random going down the road, but this one has way less miles on it.

I know for a fact its not the Alternator or Power Steering Pump, the noise is still there when these belt were removed.

I figured at this point it spun a crank bearing or threw the rod due to the randomness of it all with no previous symptoms/noises leading up to it. Am I jumping the gun here by looking into buying a used motor already?
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I'd take a closer look at that water pump and timing belt before jumping the gun on a new motor...rods don't normally pop out the front of the motor.
broken/bend/loose water pump propeller can be responsible for terrible noise... or maybe loosened timing belt or broken idler/tensioner causing the noise?

bad water pumps can do crazy things, same about idlers/tensioners, as Hill suggested, check the timing area first.
The leaking coolant is a sign of a failing water pump. My bet is that the water pump is bad and replacing it will solve your problems. Has it ever been replaced before? You should replace the timming belt, the crank and camshaft oil seals, the water pump and the idler and tensioner pulleys all at the same time.
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