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Suggestions for my '82 Tercel

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Hey people I just found this forum and decided to ask some questions. I own a 1982 Toyota Corolla Tercel SR5 model and was wondering, what could I drop in it? For people that have done it before can someone tell me what type of engine could go in there and what you might have paid for it. Any other suggestions on what I could do to the car would be appreciated. Thanks.
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wow! for that year and type of car that is super clean! Man congrats on the condition! btw is it fwd or rwd? if rwd see if u can get a 3tc. it looks big enough under that hood!
FWD and it's not in that great of condition, people that owned it before me smoked so interior got some stains and such, body has plenty of dents you cant really tell from these pictures.
I got the same car and im trying to do the same as you as this car will own with a dropped motor. I need to get my friend as he can drop anything in the car. Hes put a 302 in an old rx7 and nearly killed himself. So far i havent seen anyone with that year model car with a dropped motor that car is so hard to find however i think its bad looks like a mini datsun. Im sure the silvertop 4age 20v will drop in it but drivetrain will be a problem. Not many aftermarket parts for this car heck cant even find a quarter panel. It is highly possible to drop a motor just got to find a good body man. If i get anywere ill tell it all
damn i love those old rolla-cels!

anyway, you should have a 3ac in there, so preety much any a-series should drop in on the same mounts, and line up with your tranny.

4age :thumbup:
yeah.. 4AGE will do the trick but if its an E series motor (3E I believe) then you would be able to get a 4EFTE from Japan.

Check the motor for the sticker on it, its a blue sticker with big letters on it and it's most likely on the valve cover or the block.
i'm positive those Tercels are equipped with a 3AC SOHC motor. the reason there's not a lot of known swap is because of the weidness of the drivetrain design, being a longtitudual engine with a front drive tranny. the only modification i heard was a 4A-C head with 3A bottom. but i was told that you need to mill down the 4A head to get the compression back up. the only way you can swap the 4A-GE or any other motor is to change the whole drivetrain layout and make it either a FWD or a RWD.

btw, i love those cars... to bad they're not RWD
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