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suggestions for paint job

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I'm going to finish my project truck this May/June and then hopefully sell it. The changes that are going to take place are: the addition of a lower valance, possibly some euro lights if i can sell my old ones, the painting of the grill guard and roll bars, and the restoration of the frame. I'm actually going to take the bed off and undercoat the bottom side of it thoroughly. The frame is in mint condition, and I want it to stay that way. Therefore, I want to scuff it, put SEM Rust Mort on it, and then hit it up with either Rustoleum paint or SEM Rust Shield. The problem with the Rust Shield is its 5 times as expensive as Rustoleum and its only available in like 4 colors or so. The two colors I'm considering are orange or black. The reason I decided on orange was because it matches the corner and turn signal lights. I've already painted the skid plate orange, and I'm going to put orange whips on. If you guys have any suggestions of what parts I should give orange accents, I'd be happy to hear them! THANKS! and if anyones interested in making an offer on my truck just p.m. me
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