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Probably something that has been discussed herer before, but if it help anyone, so be it. Two helpful things that I found on my first time removing the rear valve cover.

One, that bolt behind the passenger side of valve cover is a fun little guy. I spent about and hour and a half trying to get that bolt back in before I decided to somewhat reengineer the whole thing and then it took me 30 seconds to put that bolt back on. I found a bolt that was the same size and thread pitch as the bolt that is supposed to go in the plenum and the bracket. It was about 2.5 inches long. I cut the head of the bolt off and ground the end so that it made a stud. I then screwed the stud into the back of the intake manifold and then when I put the intake back in the stud went right through the bracket and then I had a nut to tighten on to the back of that. 30 seconds later that bracket was done.

Second bit of help that i wish I knew before hand was to just order new ignition coil plugs.
Each one of them the retainer snapped off on because they are old and brittle plastic.
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