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Suggestions on purchasing Rear Struts

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I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla and the rear struts need to be replaced. To save some $$$, I'd like to purchase the struts on my own and take them to the shop to be installed. Does anyone have any recommendations on which struts to get and the best place to buy them?

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I used KYB AGX's on my 95 Prizm with great results. They're pretty cheap on and I just had them drop shipped to a local mechanic they listed. The shop ended up being solid, so I was happy over all. I think it cost me about $400 installed shipped everything.

This time around, when my struts go on my new 01 Rolla, I'm probably gonna try Tokicos.
Hi kevin

I use KYB-GR2 which i purchased off ebay for like $150.00. And for springs I am using TEIN H ($130.00 off Ebay)which has a more agressive drop than stock springs but not as an agreesive drop when compared to the TEIN S. I Like my setup It is sporty looking and I dont have to worry about bottoming out it feels solid but not to solid very comfortable ride. My next upgrade is gonna be the thicker front and rear swaybars. Total for purchase and install of my current set up ran me about $450.00

BTW : I have 98 corolla VE
KYB-GR2 W/TEIN H Springs
16" TRD Rims W/ Hankook tires W/2 spares
ELP CAI W/K&N Filter
EBAy Strut Bar
Stock OEM Spolier
Port&Polished Intake/Exhaust Manifolds
Custom Oil Catch Can
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I use KYB-GR2 which i purchased ...
I meant GR2s, the AGX is the adjustable strut, not available for the Corolla AFAIK.

Thanks for the info on the Teins, I was just going to assume H&R was the only company that made springs for our cars.
Thanks for your replies/suggestions. I was actually able to get a local Midas to replace the rear struts and do a wheel alignment for $400, so I'm pretty happy with that. Hopefully the work will be done well--I've only used Midas for oil changes in the past.

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