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summer interior project

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first image was too big...
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::sorry messed up::
this summer im planning on sprucing up my interior a bit (all that tan is depressing.. here are some ideas that i mocked up, any input from those who have tried before or have an aesthetic eye would be great..thanks

free at last... gone are the days of high school
carnegie mellon here i come!


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i photoshop 'painted' the black under the dash that lighter tan strip.. and the air bag cover
if i had to i'd pick the middle minus the painted vents
you got too many colors going on, make a two color theme, it would look much better.
everything looks the same to me. but it also looks odd cause of what camrymax said too many colors. The middle one seems to look the best to me. because i didn;t like the color of the side airbag.
yea i really dotn see a big diff, one pic does have the air bag enclosure painted, but all looks very similar
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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