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Did Toyota offer a factory sunroof wind deflector on the 2001 Avalon? My daughters car has one and something hit and broke it in half. No other damage, but I'd like to replace it with a like unit. It appears to have two "standoff type mounts" that appear to be inserted in, or alongside, the rubber gasket for the sunroof. These mounts are threaded to recieve the two screws that secure the deflector. I have searched the Internet and can find no description of the aftermarket installation instructions or the spacing of the predrilled holes in the aftermarket units.
Anyone have experience like this?

Try Dealer

I bought one for my '02 Avalon when I bought the car in 2006; got it from a Toyota dealer for about $70 - have no idea if the are still available. I have used aftermarket units on other cars and they all worked about the same - the hold downs were thin metal that fit under the lip of the sunroof opening and were tightened down by screws thru the plastic deflector.

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Kinda the same issue

I have been having kind of the same issue. I originally bought the wind deflector from a toyota parts store back in 2001 for my 1994 Camry LE Coupe. The clips eventually came loose and I lost them, but I still have the visor. I wanted to install it on my new 2007 Camry SE V6 but was told that I can not get just the clips...anywhere?! I would have to order a completely new wind deflector kit with clips and all. Seems ridiculous to pay another $70 just for some little L Brackets and screws doesn't it? But, I have been assured by every Toyota dealer I contact, that that is the only way to go. Anybody have extra clips for their Camry Moonroof wind deflector they want to sell me?
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