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hey all you 5 gens out there you guys ever have any problems with your sun roof motors not working or the gears going out or anything like that?? my sunroof stopped working prolly like in november of last year and i really hate it becuz thats one of the features i like best bout my car....i am prolly going to take a looksy at the motor sometime soon hopefully and see if i can take it out and check it out but i was just throwing this out there.
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5SFE tranny= no good (seriosly that tranny will last a little while but lets think long term)

MR2 3sgte tranny will be was meant for the power and will bolt and work fine with FWD need a JDM ECU unless you know how the wirring can be done otherwise.

Or I have heard of the solara V-6 tranny will bolt up to the 3sgte, and no the 5sfe automatic with the 3sgte motor will not work (thats the only reason I have not done the swap yet the,3s never had a Automatic Tranny until you have reached the Caldina 3sgte with an auto trans that lays out 260HP but unless you get that motor the ecu in the ST203, ST204 and ST205 are Maunual trannies. Otherwise your Tourque Converter would just spin around nevr being able to put power the axles.
dammm dude.... thats what i call a MISS...

Turbo, atleast you got the write section of TN.
It maybe the relay. You can take the motor gearbox apart and regrease it. I did. I also have an extra one from junkyard. Also its the same motor and relay on Corolla GTS sunroof. I believe there is one for Celica on ebay now.
hey thanks dude i will check it out as soon as i can
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