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super thread for the meet on sat :naughty: here are my pics enjoy :rockon::rockon:

the friggn rent a cops showed up and called the cops on us booo!!!:ugh3:

:O knight rider Camry :naughty:

why is it that peachs car is always wet and in the night when it looks the coolest imo :clap:

=D there you go :smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:

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Great turnout! Nice pics! WIsh this nice weather would come our way on the EAST SIIIIDE!

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shinigaimi... you should think about resizing the pics... i have scroll left/right to see the whole pic... hehehe

I hit F11, just scrolled lol. Good turnout. Did yall chill @ the BJs Brewery?

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Looks like it was an awesome meet! Now, do one in Toronto, Canada! :D

There are some mean looking Solaras and Gen4 Camrys for sure!

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Great turnout....nice to put some faces to screen names....Did everyone see the face of the hostess when we all walked in without a reservation hahahaha....priceless.....but it all turned out great....anybody take pics at the boba place?

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They all look pretty good guys! I will try to make the next meet. I dig the Solara!!!!
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