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supercharge your scion?

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Just wanted to see what you guyz thought about the ad that shows up sometimes on the bottom right the webpages in this forum. Something about the Turbonator and adding as much as 35 hps for like sixty bucks. Is it a real supercharger? If this is a dum question, i'm sorry, i dont know that much about cars.
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Don't waste your money. It's a scam. In simple terms, it makes use of the same principle of forcing air into your engine which is what superchargers and turbocharges use to increase power, but executed poorly.

If you wanna learn about forced induction, or anything else for that matter (excpet sex), go to The site is filled with simple explanations and pictures. is good for info on SC's.
Mannnnn, the one mod that any Tc owner should seriously give thought to would be the Supercharger option....for an extra lets say $55 bucks a month (your loan that is) you bought a supercharger from the factory Under Warranty that will kick up your mid- high RPM's by lets say 30-35whp I know they dont do much for low-end power off reseaerch but damn under warrant+INSTALLED for 3k is a no-brainer in my opinion then later on you will most-definatley be able to buy a bigger pulley to pull off some more respectable WHP numbers and not to mention Intake and exhaust maybee some good air-fuel tunning, I cant wait untill the end of this year till Im throwing around the gear-box on some WRX's(190whp) and V-8 stangs(207whp) Because it would seem with a Supercharged model with all the mods and some tunning this Tc has the potential to lay some decsent numbers.

But Im ranting on, I just cant wait.
02RSX90camry said:
ummm...wouldn't u want a smaller pulley? fualt.:rolleyes:

I may have been thinking in the Turbocharging univesre, oh well I know how motors work so god ppplleeaassee!!.. dont think Im a moron with no type of knowledge, glad to be aboard here. ;)
nah, i seriously wasn't sure, that's why i didn't put the :rolleyes: like i normally would :p
when is the Supercharger for the Tc available??
Its coming out in November as long as TRD doesn't push it back anymore
Damn I'm Excited too, but is there any word on the price of this supercharger coming out? And is it worth it or should I just wait until a bolt on turbo kit comes out.
roughly $3300
jeez, 3300 bucks, you guys are basically talking about a turbo, not just a supercharger for that kind of money, right? And that should put the horsepower up to around 200 i'm guessing????
But that's $3300 installed and with a factory warranty. Although, everyone should read up on warranty info for the car. TRD parts are warranted for only 12 months/12,000 miles. The car itself is warranted for 3 years and the motor/driveline for 5 years. Still, in the end it's not a bad deal. Most shops don't have a clue on how to fully install a turbo or supercharger kit and end up doing more damage than making power (Believe me, I used to own a performance shop and we were constantly getting other shops wrong-doings). Besides, I'd rather take a factory blower opposed to waiting for a year and a half for complete turbo kits to pop onto the market.
yep. that makes sense to me.
I'm glad you mentioned that abou the TRD warranty... but i guess a good thing is that it doesn't automatically void the 5 year just cause its there.
actually, the TRD warranty lasts for the remainder fo the car warranty, or 12 months/12k miles, whichever is the longest.

so if u get a brand nes car (3 yr warranty) with a TRD SC, u'd get a 3yr warranty on teh SC as well.
hmmm. well thats evan better.
i know the salesman was pretty vague, but not to say he was lying. I really liked what I saw in the TC, but I just don't know.....
it's cool tho cause I still have a long time to wait before I purchase.
02RSX90camry said:
actually, the TRD warranty lasts for the remainder fo the car warranty, or 12 months/12k miles, whichever is the longest.

so if u get a brand nes car (3 yr warranty) with a TRD SC, u'd get a 3yr warranty on teh SC as well.
Genuine Scion Accessories:Warranty coverage is for 12 months, regardless of mileage, with the exception of car covers, which are warranted for 12 months only. If the part or accessory is installed during the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period, coverage is for the 12 months or the remainder of the applicable warranty coverage.
And that's only for Geniune Scion Accessories. It just seems unlikely that they would only cover their own parts for 12months but offer extended coverage on TRD parts. Hey, I'm not complaining that they would cover a blower for 3 years, I just need proof, that's all.
Go to trd's website, it has always been that way from when they made stuff for L-Tuned to regular TRD.

and a S/C is not really an accessory, it a engine part, and also its TRD not Scion......

taken from the horses mouth on

Originally posted by TRD USA
Power with Confidence
When installed by a Toyota dealer, the TRD truck supercharger warranty works seamlessly with your Toyota new vehicle warranty. If installed by a Toyota dealer on a vehicle with any of its new vehicle power train warranty remaining, you will receive either 12 months, unlimited mileage from the date of installation or the remainder of the new vehicle power train warranty, whichever is longer. Units installed by do-it-yourselfers have a 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty. All warranties require that the system is not modified, abused, used in any type of motor sports activity or installed in any application for which it is not intended.
hey guys, i am a very amateur car enthusiast. i have a 2004 corolla sportivo and i wanted to know if it is feasible or possible to turbo\super charge my engine. any comments\info would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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