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Hey guys,

AutoSport Wiring has agreed to make a set of wiring harness extensions for the 5S-FE / 3sgte / Supra ECU. With this cable, you can do all sorts of modifications without touching your stock harness. This cable plugs in between the main wiring harness and the ECU itself. SO with this harnes you can wire in all your a/f, ignition, timing and any other controls and guages witout having to touch your stock wiring. Another benefit of this item is that you can make the connections outside of the car and solder everything up nice and clean.

Will work with:

89-92 Supra
91-95 MR2
90-93 Celica All-Trac
Gen 3 Camry

If we can get 10 buyers together, they agreed to sell the harnesses to us for $125USD.

For more info on these, go to:

The vendor said if the units are sent to individual locations, it will be $5USD each. If we had them all shipped to one location, shipping would be free. If everyone lives near the northeast (near me), then that makes sense...otherwise individual shipments are more logical.

HERE is the link for the GB. We are tryign to do this for Oct 30th. Please posts with questions or if ur interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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