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Supra Brake Booster Swap Over

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I own a 83' toyota supra, and a 87' toyota supra. I took the brake booster, and master cylinder out of the 87 and swapped it into my 87 yota' pickup. Its a direct bolt in nearly.

All you have to do is flip the booster upside down and bolt it in.

However! the only thing i cant get figured out is, now using the 87 master cylinder out of the supra it needs adjustment as the brakes dont start coming on until you get the pedal very close to the floor.

Has anyone done/heard/read of this swap of either both components or either or? Whats required, what am i missing etc?

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I guess it isn't a bolt in then right?
Most people who swap in a different BB use a dual-diaphragm model from a V6 truck, as well as the 1" master cylinder.
... what am i missing etc?

You can't just go swapping brake parts at random. The brake SYSTEM is a balance of components designed to provide proper stopping, pedal travel, pedal pressure, etc.

What prompted you to go screwing with the brakes to begin with?
i wanted to run over kittens while having no do you think?

Now i recall why i don't post here.. I come in asking if anyone's actually done the swap using supra parts and i get flaming and responses such as "OMGWTFDONT DO THAT! YOU NOOB YOU WILL DAI!"

peaceout, mods delete/lock thread wtfever
The only flaming is being done by you.

No one can tell you how to fix a problem if they don't know the whole story.

Any advice given without the adviser knowing the details would be questionable advice.
Let's all settle down, and try to approach this again.
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