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Suspension lift on ebay, whaddaya think?

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Hey Guys found this kit on e-bay wondeing if it is worth it or not?

Comments Suggestions Please


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Check online and find out what others are charging for the spacers and the AALs. Then you'll know if it's worth it or not.
"AAL" = Add A Leaf.
Generally speaking, budget lift kits include either Add-A-Leaf's or blocks for the rear lift. I would definitely stay away from blocks in the rear. New rear leaf packs can improve ride and performance of your suspension, but at an increased price.
I would look at wheeler's, they have a wide variety & decent pricing. That's where I bought my kit.
So how does this one stand up to what you paid? I`m a newbie so I`m sorta looking for advice.

Thanks for the reply btw.

I suppose it all depends on why you want to lift, how far you want to lift, and what you plan on using your truck for.
My rear leafs were worn out and sagging badly. My front end had a spongy ride. So, I decided to go the expensive route & get all new suspension. I went with Old Man Emu 881 coils up front, and Wheelers' house-brand 5 leaf rear spring pack.
I found that the 881's ride rougher than what I want, but I'm not shelling out another grand to change it right now. Maybe they'll soften up after I get a few thousand miles on them (wishful thinking? maybe). I've been thinking about putting a beefy front bumper & winch on anyway, that'll help some with the front suspension.
I also found that the 5 pack in the rear didn't lift as much as the front, so I added an add-a-leaf to the back. This made the back ride incredibly rough as well.
It's a great setup for off-roading, When I get up any speed, it smooths out the tight suspension & gives me really good control. On pavement though, it feels like my axles are welded to the frame, lol.
Here's what they sent me, and a before & after pic. I also put on fender flares when I did the lift.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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