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Suspension parts

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Can anybody tell me what else do I need to replace the suspension on my 98 Camry. I'll buy:

Sprins. EIBACH
Struts. KYB GR2
KYB Strut mounts

Am I missing something, are this components reliables, something that I should know :confused:????
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have you checked your insulators?

strut boots? (the kyb ones come with bump stops)
ok so front and rear Strut boot and lower coil insulators..

Anything else????

What do you think of those prices on ebay???? anything cheaper ????

boots and insulators from here:

cheaper place???

Thanks a lot....

PS: In this place I found a bunch of items that will fit my 98 Camry but I don't understand...:ugh3: it goes from 95 to 01, then 97 to 01 and 98 to 01 but some are struts and some look like shocks, most of them are silver but the last one on page 2 it's black..what the heck :whatthe:
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idk that i'd order from a place that has the wrong years ... i just got my stuff from Tire Rack - they arent the cheapest around, but they are reasonably priced and they are trouble-free
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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