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Suspension Question

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Wut does everyone have for their ride? Im planning on getting some knockoff coilovers (weapon R) for 75 bucks for right now. And maybe some tokiko shocks cuz my friend can get em for like under 300 with life time warranty. Just so i can get my ride slammed to the floor. All i want is the dropped look so that should do the job right now right? Its not like i plan to do moto crossing or racing. Just wonderin wut everyone has for a decent price.
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Motocrossing? Interesting......

Sounds like that should do the trick for you.
i dont even think weapon r makes "coilovers" for our cars.....mr2s are low enough....get urself some H&R race springs and some adjustable shocks and u'll be fine....thats my setup....
haha yeah auto cross i mean....hah
Tein makes coilovers for our cars.
I run H&R springs on both of my MR2s.
I have just fitted Leda coilovers on my tubby. Part of a IMOC UK group purchase so we got 30% discount. Excellent units. They have dealers all around the globe. Checkout
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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