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swap question

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If i was going to swap out the 5sfe for the 3sgte exactly what parts would i have to have. At Import Palace you can get the motor, tranny, ecu, harness, and intercooler for $1400 shipped. Lets say i bought this what other parts would i need. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
My car is a 1991 MR2 na.
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It depends what is included. Some things like axles, afm, intake, exhaust.... and other stuff that kinda hangs off of the edges might not be there. And that stuff adds up pretty quick. Also make sure that the harness is UNCUT!!! I can't stress that enough....

You might also want to find out how reputable this company is... personally i've never heard of them... and that price seems pretty low. Find out what generation the motor is also.

Oh yea... motor mounts are another thing. Just be careful who you buy from.... lots of people have been screwed buying motors over the internet.
what if you get the whole rear clip? would you still need anything else?
If you get a half cut... you will have 0 problems. Clips aren't always as complete as companies say they are. They get a little saw happy over in Japan from what I have seen.
will a 5sfe tranny bolt to a 3sgte block? I met another mr2 owner here in town, and he is interested in trading cars..strait up. I have a 93 na auto... he has a 92 na manual... his is completely stock, and mine has some mods done... but I cannot stand this auto tranny.
I have friend you runs a 3sgte motor with a 5SFE engine and it works fine.
mr2mike113 said:
I have friend you runs a 3sgte motor with a 5SFE engine and it works fine.
onehotcamry said:
i think he meant 5sfe tranny. haha but funny anyway :) -- I have a stock intercooler that i need to get rid of.. actually.. i really should get my shit together and start taking pics, and putting it all on the for sale forums.... i need moneyyy.
mr2mike113 said:
yeah sorry meant tranny, my bad
Only problem is that tranny won't take too much more than stock 3sgte horsepower.
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